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About Me

I have been taking photos since purchasing my first camera, a Canon SLR with money received at my high school graduation. Yes this is over 45 years and over the years I estimate taking more than 50,000 pictures.  

My focus, pun intended, is on landscape photography with a special emphasis, as you will see, on lighthouse and sunrise/sunset photos. I also shoot portraits and still life however I live for the thrill of traveling and seeing a new site and then documenting these wonderful experiences. I have been fortunate to have traveled a great deal in my life with business and pleasure and love sharing what I have been so fortunate to see. My travel interests are primarily the United States, I believe there so much to see right here at home. I do have interest in Canada, the Caribbean, the British Isles, Australia and Europe in the future as time and resources permit.  

I offer my photos for sale and I am available for photography services for those in desire of a very experienced amateur photographer with a great eye for color and composition.

Thank you for viewing my photos, I welcome your comments and feedback and look forward to hearing from everyone who has taken some time from their busy schedule to see a bit of what I see in life.

"Photography is a love affair with life" .... Burt Uzzle 1938